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It's too late to ERASE by SoulofWoods It's too late to ERASE :iconsoulofwoods:SoulofWoods 44 5 Recording Town by SoulofWoods Recording Town :iconsoulofwoods:SoulofWoods 56 8 Bacon Soup by SoulofWoods Bacon Soup :iconsoulofwoods:SoulofWoods 38 5 Bendy Cardboards by SoulofWoods Bendy Cardboards :iconsoulofwoods:SoulofWoods 22 15 Bendy heads by SoulofWoods Bendy heads :iconsoulofwoods:SoulofWoods 42 0
Your TFP Autobot Guardian: Part 12,5 (Epilogue)
Recap: Quite a while ago, your guardian declared you a full member of the Team Prime, meaning you didn’t need his protection from Deceptions, or any threat, in that matter. But does it mean your relationship is over? No, not at all. And who knows? Maybe new feelings will start to blossom between the two of you?
A/N:Hey guys, Sheena here, and welcome to the epilogue of an amazing journey that was writing this series. :)
I ceated this epilogue so I could leave an opening for myself, in case I’ve ever wanted to return to the TFP quizzes. It’s going more romantical way here, so if you're not into humanXcybertronian, then you can stop reading right now. If you're still reading this, well, feel warned from now on.
This one’s gonna be only with four results, Optimus, Ratchet, Bee and Bulkhead, cuz it’s basically for girls unless guys are curious or something… Oh, and when I got that idea to post the epilogue on Valentine’s Day, I just HAD to do
:iconsoulofwoods:SoulofWoods 1 0
Your TFP Autobot Guardian: Part 12 (END)
Recap: Your parents are hostages of the M.E.C.H, you’ve ran straight into a trap set by Silas, and there’s no way to contact the team. The plan seems to have failed. There’s nothing you can do but surrender. What will you do now? Let’s find out.
A bead of sweat ran down your temple as you watched carefully every movements Silas’ goons were making. You were stuck in place by the lasers from their weapons pointed at your body, ready to fire at any sign to do so.
You gulped thickly.
“I-I did what you wanted, Silas, I came alone.”
“Oh, but you didn’t,” the man retorted with a cruel smirk. “I’m well aware of your Autobot guardian, as well as agent Fowler’s men,waiting for the signal. I’m afraid that I can’t hold my end of the deal, now that you broke yours.”
Your eyes widened in fear. No, he can’t do that! 
:iconsoulofwoods:SoulofWoods 0 0
Your TFP Autobot Guardian: Part 11
Recap: The first mission you went on officially was a success. And you got to kick some Decepticon arses. Great, right? But it’s not the end of troubles. Fowler’s gonna visit the Autobot base, and he doesn’t have good news.
The TV screen fizzled for a split moment, and then a racing tor appeared in sight before it changed momentarily to a jungle landscape, and then another station as you idly pressed the button on the remote control in your hand, wearing an utterly bored expression.
You weren’t complaining about living in the Autobot base, no. You actually liked it in here. But the thing is, since that one mission you actively participated in, things have been surprisingly peaceful, if not just… boring. To the point you couldn’t bring yourself to do anything but stare mindlessly into the TV screen. Even your favorite genre wasn’t broadcasting anything worth watching recen
:iconsoulofwoods:SoulofWoods 2 0
Your TFP Autobot Guardian: Part 10
Recap: You live at Autobot base now, and get even more time for bonding with your guardian, as well as the rest of the team. I’m a mean author though, and it won’t last for long, not anymore. (:P) The time for you to prove yourself as a member of Team Prime comes faster than anyone expects.
It’s been quite some time since you moved in to the Autobot base. Everyone pretty much fell into their own routines. Bots were searching for Energon and relics while trying to stop Cons from taking over the Earth, you were hanging around the base with the kids when they weren’t at school, and Fowler was trying to convince you to talk to your parents.
Well, it’s not like you didn’t want to. You’ve calmed down, thought over their motives considering your surgery, and eventually admitted to yourself they had every right to do what they did. You weren’t angry at them anymore. You
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Your TFP Autobot Guardian: Part 9
Recap: Both you and your parents are safe now. But that obviously doesn’t mean you got rid of your enemies for good. As for the time being, you’re staying at the Autobot base. Welp, with Miko onboard it’s got to be eventful.
“Oh, oh, here you can put some awesome posters! Like Slash Monkey! This place’s just perfect for our band practice! What color we put on the walls? Oh, I know! Red! Bloody red!”
Miko hollered excitedly, bouncing on a simply featured bed with just a  and  . Your blankets were securely locked in your baggage that you were currently wnosił.
“Miko, you DO know it’s MY new room, right?” you asked with a light chuckle, amused by the girl’s usual antics. “By the way, thanks for the help, Jack.”
The black haired boy threw a few of your bags he was carrying, breathing slightly as he wiped out the sweat from his forehead.
:iconsoulofwoods:SoulofWoods 0 0
Your TFP Autobot Guardian: Part 8
Recap: You went back to your home with Ratchet, and your parents confirmed your suspicions. But, before you could learn more about yourself, someone decided to pay you a visit. Guess who? The M.E.C.H. Now they’re on your tail. Thankfully, the Autobots are with you. Will you escape the organization, or will they lay their filthy hands on you? Or maybe someone else will do it before them? Time to find out.
You gripped tightly Arcee’s controls, speeding through a pine forest, trying to lose your tail in the process. And surprisingly, it wasn’t M.E.C.H.
Arcee took a sharp turn, avoiding one of plasma blasters coming from Decepticon troops.
“Hang on!”
The femme exclaimed, picking up the speed. You cursed under your breath in result. This was definitely not your day.
    1.       Wait, wha- … What? … I don’t get it.
:iconsoulofwoods:SoulofWoods 0 0
Your TFP Autobot Guardian: Part 7
Recap: In the last part you discovered a few things about yourself. Now you’re going with Ratchet to talk with your parents, how did this happened, and probably learn something more. What you don’t know, someone’s going to pay them a visit too…
You sat in a passenger seat inside Ratchet, driving towards your parents’ house. It’s been quiet for a while inside the interior, but neither of you two was going to change it, both trapped inside your own minds. You were still repeating the events from today, trying to understand the whole situation with probably Cybertronian heart. Suddenly, Ratchet’s voice beamed through the speakers.
“We’re closing in.”
Your eyes darted forward, catching a sight of a small house at the end of a street. Sure enough, you were almost there.
    1.       Well, it’s time to know the tr
:iconsoulofwoods:SoulofWoods 0 0
Your TFP Autobot Guardian: Part 6
Recap: You escaped the Nemesis with Bulkhead's help, and returned to the Autobots safely. Everything returned to normal... or so you thought. Because future events are going to turn your world upside down, and you'll learn something about yourself that wasn't supposed to see the light of day. Curious now? Well, let's move forward...
“Miko, give back the controler!”
“No way! It's my turn!”
You were in the Autobot base, watching Miko and Jack brickering about the game you all were going to play. It was actually quite amusing for you. You'd never guess your life could become so boring that quickly after the kidnapping incident.
“They're fighting again?”
You quickly turned around to meet with Raph coming up to you with a sigh. In the backgroung you spotted Ratchet transforming back to his robot form. He's Raph's ride today, Bumblebee's on the mission with the rest of the team.
“Yeah. Entertain
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Your TFP Autobot Guardian: Part 5
Recap: You woke up on the Nemesis and met some Decepticons. During your conversation with one of them, something happened, which was enough to cut your conversation short. Now you're alone, and you need to get out of the ship somehow, but how? And who was shooting outside the door?
Read on to find out, of course. ;)

You checked your cell, slowly, bit by bit. You were still inside the room you were left, trying to figure your way out of the cage.
“There has to be something...” you mumbled to yourself, trying to find any weak spot in the glass. Nothing. You sighed loudly in defeat.
    1.       Well, guess I have to make one myself.
    2.       Hmm... maybe I could loosen the opening mechanism...
    3.       Ugh! I'm just gonna break through!
:iconsoulofwoods:SoulofWoods 2 0
Your TFP Autobot Guardian: Part 4
A/N:  Straight to recap: You and Jack ended up in the middle of the fight after you followed Miko through the ground bridge. Then, despite Autobots' effords, Starscream kidnapped you, and... you blacked out. :P What you'll see when you finally wake up? (I know ;) )
Sorry for any grammar or spelling errors, English isn't my first language.

You groaned as you opened your eyes, letting the light blind you for a spare second. You blinked a few times, readjusting your vision to new environment. A room you came to reside now was definitely not the Autobot base, neither your room. It was dark, huge, and filled with all sorts of weird machinery and tools you'd never guess their meaning... or you'd never want to guess. Everything was at least your size big, no doubt it was Cybertronian quarters.
But, what's most important, you were inside the glass, tube-like cage. You stood up on shaky legs, resting yourself on the
:iconsoulofwoods:SoulofWoods 1 0
Your TFP Autobot Guardian: Part 3
A/N: Here goes part three :D
A small recap:  It's been a while since you've meet the Autobots and the kids. Everything seems as normal as it could be with giant alien robots... but not for long, thanks to Miko. (again -_-)
Sorry for any grammar mistakes, English isn't my original language.

“Hi, Y/N!”
Arcee honked lightly while Jack waved his hand to you.
You waved him back, smiling brightly, as you closed your house door and skipped toward the two, putting your helmet on.
    1.       Hey guys! ^^
    2.       Morning :)
    3.       Yo.
    4.       Hi Jack, hi Arcee. 
    5.       What's up?
“Ready to go?” Jack's voic
:iconsoulofwoods:SoulofWoods 0 0




SoulofWoods's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hi there!
I'm Ann, or Ana, from southern Poland.
I don't have much to say about myself, maybe except the fact I'm an amateur artist and writer.
I draw mostly my favorite fandoms, which are:
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Transformers (not gonna post in near future)

That's all for now, if you have any questions and what not, feel free to ask ^^

Cześć wam!
Na imię mi Ania, lub Ana. Jestem Polką, jak wskazuje język, a trochę dokładniej, z małopolski.
Nie mam wiele do powiedzenia o sobie, może poza faktem, że jestem artystą amatorką i pisarką do tzw. szuflady.

Rysuję głównie moje ulubione fandomy, którymi są:
Wojownicze Żółwie Ninja
Transformers (nie za bardzo mi to na razie wychodzi, więc żadnych obrazków)

To wszystko na teraz, jeśli macie jakiekolwiek pytania czy cokolwiek, zapytajcie ^^

Stamps xD :
Dancing Doctor Stamp by TwilightProwler Chocolate... by prosaix Stamp-Can't live without books by Rittik :thumb153476351: Zombies Stamp by MacabreVampire Military by Kavel-WB stamp: im not crazy by ohhperttylight Gamer Girl Stamp by GabbyWonka 'Explaining' Stamp by Sonira-Stamps
wolves by Folkwe deer by Folkwe I love Black Cats by WishmasterAlchemist Stamp: Autumn by vasselli Snow_Stamp by JEricaM Nature Lover-Stamp by Dinoclaws :thumb116069660: :thumb138056122: Tree Hugger :LOVE: by Sao-irse Butterfly Green by SquallxZell-Leonhart Wolf at Heart Stamp by Aura-BleedingHeart :thumb200052651: stars by iLed I love a starry night stamp by DarkwingFan

Bendy and the ink machine-stamp by glovannas .Bendy Kin stamp. by Cisoxo Bendy And The Ink Machine [STAMP] by Moises87 [STAMP] Boris The Wolf by DjaudyDrawings WHO'S LAUGHING NOW? by superevilgenius

TMNT 2003 Stamp by TheKnightOfTheVoid TMNT Turtle Team Stamp 3 by dA--bogeyman 2012 TMNT stamp by CandleBell TMNT: 2k12 Fan Stamp - Donnie by Fulcrumisthebomb donatello stamp by ATANER11 donnie stamp by ATANER11 Donnie Fan Stamp by catloversjt Stamp Donatello *-* by Dat-Jojo mikey stamp by ATANER11 TMNT Stamp::. Mikey Om Nom Nom by Magic-Ray

TF Prime Autobots Stamp by Autopunk Optimus Prime Stamp txt by Leathurkatt-TFTiggy Optimus Prime Stamp by TanukiKyuubi

Undertale stamp by AMintleaf Papyrus stamp by glovannas Undertale- Undyne Stamp by mysources UT - Asriel Stamp by whitenoize Undertale Stamp: Sans the skeleton by alpakami Undertale Stamp: Sans / Frisk by alpakami Undertale Soul Stamp - Green (Kindness) by ItsumoCelestialSushi

Pokemon Stamp by SavannaH09 Pokemon Stamp by WetWithRain Eevee- lutions Stamp by SavannaH09 Eevee Fan Stamp by Skymint-Stamps Eevee Stamp by Ittichy :thumb449493710: Original Pokemon Stamp by NateFox adult pokemon fan stamp by tirsden Fire Pokemon Stamp by depp
Lovely Complex Stamp by Ivory-Ice Lovely Complex by HBP12

:thumb295111323: Luffy stamp by Okami-Moony Zoro stamp by Okami-Moony
Toradora by fayazure Toradora Stamp by fairlyflawed Taiga Stamp by AdryJustend Ryuuji Stamp by Kibby47


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